Palmetto Conservation is engaged in preservation and restoration work at two SC military heritage sites. In addition, mobile tours along the Palmetto Trail highlight Revolutionary, Civil, and World War features from the past.

Cowpens National Battlefield

Palmetto Conservation has worked with the National Park Service at Cowpens National Battlefield near Gaffney, SC, since 2001 to restore the landscape to conditions at the time of the Revolutionary War battle on January 17, 1781. The project has included planning, budgeting, and managing the work of contractors, volunteers, and students to map the geology, soils, plants, and various treatments that will restore the viewshed and site lines. A major part of the project is eradicating invasive exotic plant species which have changed the landscape.  Restoration includes re-establishing native canebrakes that protected Patriot troops during battle.

Each year, 260,000 visitors tour the battlefield where Brig. Gen. Daniel Morgan staged a double-envelopment battle strategy and soundly defeated the British under Lt. Col. Banastre “Bloody Ban” Tarleton. The battle lasted less than an hour. Morgan’s tactics, however, are still studied today.

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Battle of Camden Battlefield

Palmetto Conservation owns the 476-acre core battlefield in Kershaw County, SC, where Revolutionary War soldiers    fought and died at the Battle of Camden on August 16, 1780. Half of the troops under British Lt. Gen. Cornwallis were American Loyalists fighting a civil war to preserve ties with Great Britain. The battle was a disastrous defeat for American Patriots who wanted independence. Hundreds of men lost their lives.

The battlefield is located off US Hwy 521 about 8 miles north of Camden. Flat Rock Road (S-28-58) cuts across the site, which offers 3 miles of walking trails with interpretive signage. An accompanying podcast shares battle stories and contemporaneous commentary, including a quote from Thomas Jefferson.

Since assuming ownership in 2001, PCF has conducted archaeological research to locate and protect graves and cultural resources, curated artifacts for public display, developed digital topographic maps, constructed walking trails with signage and podcast, and replanted the longleaf pine forest to help restore the battlefield landscape. The Katawba Valley Land Trust holds the property under permanent conservation protection.

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The project is sponsored by The Humanities Council SC, a state program of the National Endowment for the Humanities.

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