The unique partnership of the USFS and the PCF allowed for the placement of a 21-day SCA national high school crew.The crew worked throughout the first and southernmost section of the Palmetto Trail’s passage through the Enoree Ranger District. This previously established section required brushing and clearing of trail obstacles, treadwork, refinement and signage of new trails.

Sumter National Forest wanted a group of young volunteers to work on these tasks, which the SCA provided by organizing a group of 15-18 year olds from around the country. Through the collaboration of the Forest Service, the Palmetto Conservation Foundation, and the Student Conservation Association, our crew was able to prepare the Enoree Passage for connection with the entire Palmetto Trail and eventual statewide completion.

To read the full report on the Sumter National Forest SCA crew: FinalSumterReport

You can also see photos of the group and their work HERE