Author: Benjamin Brooks and Tim Cook
Pages: 86
Size: 6 x 9
Binding Style: Paperback
ISBN: 978-0-9745284-9-6

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Authors Benjamin Brooks and Tim Cook will help you discover the Palmetto State’s beautiful waterfalls.  The new third edition has 31 full-page color photographs along with concise directions including maps and waypoints to reach each waterfall and helpful tips once you get there. First printed in 2001, this unique guide is an essential exploring companion to every resident or visitor to South Carolina’s spectacular mountains.

Table of Contents

Photographic Advice

Oconee County Waterfall Contacts/Notes
Oconee County Waterfalls Map

1-Brasstown Falls
2-Opossum Creek Falls
3-Long Creek Falls
4-Reedy Branch Falls
5-Fall Creek Falls
6-Riley Moore Falls
7-Blue Hole Falls
8-The Chauga Narrows
9-Yellow Branch Falls
10-Issaqueena Falls
11-Station Cove Falls
12-Lee Falls
13-Hidden Falls
14-Licklog & Pigpen Falls
15-Big Bend Falls
16-Miuka Falls
17-Secret Falls
18-King Creek Falls
19-Spoonauger Falls
20-Bee Cove Falls
21-Lower Whitewater Falls

Pickens County Waterfall Contacts/Notes
Pickens County Waterfall Map

22- Laurel Fork Falls
23-Twin Falls
24-Green Creek Falls

Greenville County Waterfalls Contacts/Notes
Greenville County Waterfall Map

25-Raven Cliff Falls
26-Moonshine Falls
27-Cliff Falls & Rockcliff Falls
28-Rainbow Falls
29-Jones Gap Falls
30-Wildcat Falls
31-Falls Creek Falls

GPS Waypoints
A Final Note
About The Photographers

First Paragraph of Introduction

For some reason, neither crisp photographs nor choice words can fully convey the elegance of a waterfall. Maybe that’s because a waterfall is more than just a spectacle; viewed properly, it’s an experience. Simple and sublime, falling water ranks among nature’s most enjoyable creations. You have certainly seen the classic image: Hidden in the folds of a colorful mountain gorge, water hurtles off a cliff and lands in a frothy stew before carrying onward in its persistent rush to lower ground. Now that’s picturesque, right? That’s partially why we chose to do this book.

Reader Comments & Reviews

Beautiful Waterfalls of South Carolina, March 24, 2008 
By: Dorothy Richardson

“I just love to look at the pictures of these beautiful waterfalls as I plan my visit. This book has lovely pictures and is very informative. “

Great Photos!, January 10, 2007 
By: Scott C. Evers

“As a photographer, I found the photography to be spectacular! The commentary was equally well done. I highly recommend this guide.”

What a beautiful book!, July 26, 2003
By: Thelonius Sprector

“The amazing thing about this beautiful book, to me, is the fact that these two guys (Brooks and Cook) wrote this book while they were still students at Clemson University. When I was a student, my weekends were never this productive. Heck, I couldn’t even afford food. Any one who was able to produce such beautiful pictures on a student’s budget merits my greatest admiration. Great directions, too. I really liked the inclusion of GPS coordinates for waypoints. “