Welcome to the Corps Corner, where we get to talk about the crew and the projects they are working on!

December is here! As our Crew bundles up, ready for Christmas break, we’ve been spending long days on Rich Mountain, preparing to put in new trail! As we enter the Prep Phase of the building process we see a lot of bushwhacking and trailblazing. It can be tricky in the mountains as we dodge rock outcroppings and steep elevation jumps, but it’s nothing our crew can’t handle!
After multiple days of walking around and analyzing the topography of the area, the guys have made some major headway… until they ran into some serious rock. In order to ensure we are using trail-building dollars as efficiently as possible, our crew now has to find a way to navigate around the rock face and keep the trail on dirt, their last big challenge of the Prep Phase. After a day of gear maintenance and organization, they’ll be right back at it and putting trail on the ground in no time!
Show our crew some love and support, check out the wishlist and make their Christmas dreams come true!
Stay tuned for more updates next month as we kick off the new year running the chainsaw and conquering Rich Mountain!
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