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Due to the current situation abroad, we have been advised to notify hikers that Fort Jackson Passage and the Capital City Passage terminus will not be allowing pedestrians through at this time. Trail users should plan alternate parking and hiking along these sections. 

Capital City Passage, the first urban passage on the Palmetto Trail, features South Carolina’s largest city and seat of state government. The passage follows city sidewalks through beautiful neighborhoods, past city parks and schools, along the historic Horseshoe at the University of South Carolina, and across the steps of the State Capitol. Wander a few blocks off the Trail and enjoy shopping, restaurants, and many points of interest that help make “famously hot” Columbia a great city. The passage links Fort Jackson Passage to Riverfront Park and the Broad River.

Trail signs
No motor vehicles or horses.

Interactive Maps Without Wifi

We have partnered with Avenza Maps in order to offer interactive maps that don't require an internet connection. Using the Avenza App, you can download maps onto your mobile device before you hit the trail, so that you locate yourself and be aware of where you are, even in the remotest of places. Offline location helps you stay on track, on the trail, and out of potential danger.

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Fort Jackson, Gate 1 Trailhead: The trailhead and kiosk are located just inside Gate 1 on Fort Jackson Boulevard. Follow the traffic circle and turn right onto Ewell Road.The Kiosk will be on your left and parking is available to the right.

Riverfront Park Trailhead: The Trail kiosk is just inside the main gate and parking is available.

Additional Information

Stop in and meet the staff at Palmetto Conservation, 722 King Street, about three blocks north of Wheat Street.

Capital City Passage Share Owners

Evelyn Abernathy
David Adoff

Lance Barnes
Lauren Bogan
The Bras Family
Jeff Z. Brooken
Brenda P. Brown
Mrs. C. Alvin Brown
Clayton Alvin Brown
The Family of Clarence Alvin Brown

Ron Burns
John Lee Carroll
John Caruk
The Family of Owens T. Cobb
The Family of Sarah Deal
Trina Droze
John E. Hart
Doug Hartley
Steve Holtschlag

Justina LaRocque
Darrell S. Mudd
The Family of Hayes Noble
Rick & Lynne Noble
Brent Olson
Norm and Nancy Paige
Mary Ann Ransom
Kevin Robison
John Rentiers
Kathryn Sheppard
Hannah Strickland
Karin Strickland
Sheryn & Rick Waterman
Paul Gremillion
Elaine Eddins

Justin Wilt

University of South Carolina Chapter DAR

South Carolina Society Children of the American Revolution