About the Eastatoe Passage







About the Eastatoe Passage:

As you head out on the Eastatoe Passage from the Dug Mountain Fishing Access parking lot, you will enjoy the sights and sounds of hiking alongside Eastatoe Creek.  You will then begin to gain elevation and cross a boardwalk above a waterfall on a small feeder creek.  The trail begins to descend back towards the creek where you are met with your reward, the opportunity to enjoy our new 95 foot suspension bridge over Eastatoe Creek.  The distance from the parking lot to the bridge is 3/4 of a mile.

Both Bridges Along the Eastatoe Passage are Now Complete!

The Zeke wilderness trail bridge construction was completed on December 28, 2020 by The American Adventure Service Corps, Beanstalk Builders and Palmetto Trail staff. The second bridge was completed on April 22, 2021 and features the same extension bridge format as the first. Both bridges are ready for public use!
The X frames supporting the bridge span are locust which has been debarked and stained. Each leg of the X frame is 2’6” below grade. The base of each leg is supported by 6” of gravel mixed with cement. The remaining 24” in the foundation hole is tamped gravel. The pole junctions are connected with a 1” bolt. The tops of the poles are stained and sealed with Roof Seal. A stainless steel hose clamp encircles the top of the pole and is hidden with a lash rope. This technique lessens natural occurring checking.
The bridge decking consists of three 1”x6”x10’ locust boards. Four 4”x4” cross beams support each section. A keeper 2”x4” board locks the cables in the grooves. All materials are locust.
The ramps on each end of the bridge have galvanized lath screening to provide better traction. The lath is connected to the deck boards with sets of 3 lath screws.
The main span over the creek is 95’. The ramps are 20’ and 30’. The approximate drape of the main span is 2-3%.
The bridge is supported by eight 1/2” galvanized aircraft cables. Each cable terminates at a ground screw anchor ( 1”x5’ ) with an 8” plate.
The side netting is polyester. The bottom edge of the netting has a 3/4” nylon rope hem screwed to the locust deck boards. The upper edge is connected with 1/4” polyester lashing cord to the upper hand cable.
The main span of the bridge is at least 5’ above the recent flood level that destroyed the previous bridge. The bridge is designed to have minimal exposure in the event of future flooding. The end of the ramps reach the ground with two locust posts supporting the cables. The cables terminate at the ground screw anchors. The posts and anchors are possibly exposed to high water, but they are very far away from the main creek channel ( approximately 40’ and 60’ ) and are protected by numerous trees and vegetation on the upstream sides. The four legs of the two X frames are located closer to the main channel, but they are also protected by upstream trees.
Signs are attached to the vertical locust posts on each side of the bridge. The signs indicate to visitors that maximum bridge capacity is limited to 2 persons.

If you have questions regarding the newly installed bridge or hiking the Eastatoe Passage, please contact: 

Rob Achenberg, Upstate Region Coordinator   rachenberg@palmettoconservation.org



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Roy F Jones Road Parking Area/Dug Mountain Fishing Access

Take Hwy.178 at exit 21 from I-85 to Pickens, SC.  Continue on Hwy. 178 to Pickens.
In Pickens, take a left on W. Main Street (Hwy 183).
In approx. 1.1 miles, take a slight right onto Shady Grove Road.
In approx. 7.0 miles, turn right onto Little Eastatoe Road.
At the intersection with Hwy. 11, drive across Hwy 11 onto Roy F. Jones Road.
Proceed 1.3 miles and you will see Dug Mountain Anglers Access Area parking lot on the right after the bridge.
The trailhead is located adjacent to the parking lot.


Keowee-Toxaway State Park

Natural Bridge/Raven Rock/ Eastatoe Passage Trailhead Parking


Take Hwy 178 at exit 21 from I-85 to Pickens, SC.  Continue on Hwy 178 to Pickens.
In Pickens, take a left of W. Main Street (Hwy 183)
In approx. 1.1 miles, take a slight right onto Shady Grove Road.
Stay on Shady Grove Road for approx. 7.8 miles.
Turn right at the intersection with Hwy. 133 (Crow Creek Road).
Turn left at the intersection with Hwy. 11.
The park entrance (Cabin Road) will be 0.1 miles on the right.
After entering the park, the visitor center will be on your right.
Park in the parking lot behind the visitor center.
The trailhead is adjacent to the parking lot.


This is a HIKING ONLY trail. No motor vehicles, bicycles, or horses allowed.