Palmetto Conservation Foundation

Mary Roe, Interim Executive Director & Director Programs and Development
Planner extraordinaire of fun-packed programs and events: energetic, organized, and passionate about gardening, hiking, and cooking.

Suzette Anderson, Office Manager and Manager, PCF Press
A natural at keeping things running and finances in order: effective, unflappable, and passionate about hiking and growing blueberries.

Steve Collum, Cartographer, Palmetto Trail maps
Superb cartographer of the 500-mile Palmetto Trail: informed, helpful, and passionate about hiking and photography.

Sharon Givens, Communications Specialist
A master of the art and craft of wordsmithing: geologist, world traveler, and passionate about hiking, canoeing/kayaking, and photography.

Kat Crawford, Administrative Assistant
A jack of all trades: thoughtful, caring, and passionate about animals and hiking.

Jim Majors, Upstate Trail Coordinator
A professional engineer of many talents for Trail construction: sensible, logical, and passionate about hiking and environmental conservation.

Jim Kelly, Upstate Trail Coordinator
Entrepreneur who founded Sunrift Adventures in Travelers Rest: enthusiastic, capable, and passionate about active outdoor recreation, especially climbing.

Patrick Brittain, Traveling Trail Superintendent

Rachel Price, AmeriCorps Program Director
A lover of good food, long runs, cute animals, and the great outdoors: hard working, caring, and passionate about giving back to the community.

Furman Miller, Regional Trail Coordinator

Charles Weber, Volunteer Coordinator

Marie Butler, Trail Technician

Rob Achenberg, Regional Coordinator
With a 29 year career in the S.C. State Park Service, Rob brings support for activities regarding development, construction, maintenance and expansion of the mountains-to-sea Palmetto Trail system.





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