Palmetto Conservation Foundation

Mary Roe, Interim Executive Director & Director Programs and Development
Planner extraordinaire of fun-packed programs and events: energetic, organized, and passionate about gardening, hiking, and cooking.

Suzette Anderson, Office Manager and Manager, PCF Press
A natural at keeping things running and finances in order: effective, unflappable, and passionate about hiking and growing blueberries.

Steve Collum, Cartographer, Palmetto Trail maps
Superb cartographer of the 500-mile Palmetto Trail: informed, helpful, and passionate about hiking and photography.

Kat Crawford, Administrative Assistant
A jack of all trades: thoughtful, caring, and passionate about animals and hiking.

Jim Majors, Upstate Trail Coordinator
A professional engineer of many talents for Trail construction: sensible, logical, and passionate about hiking and environmental conservation.

Jim Kelly, Upstate Region Trail Coordinator
Entrepreneur who founded Sunrift Adventures in Travelers Rest: enthusiastic, capable, and passionate about active outdoor recreation, especially climbing.

Patrick Brittain, Trail Field Coordinator

Rachel Price, AmeriCorps Program Director
A lover of good food, long runs, cute animals, and the great outdoors: hard working, caring, and passionate about giving back to the community.

Furman Miller, Midlands Region Trail Coordinator

Marie Butler, LowCountry Region Trail Coordinator
Great leader for volunteers and building boardwalks on the trail in the Lowcountry. Retired from NFS and still works summer fire crews, loves her family and drives a Ram Truck.

Rob Achenberg, Regional Coordinator
With a 29 year career in the S.C. State Park Service, Rob brings support for activities regarding development, construction, maintenance and expansion of the mountains-to-sea Palmetto Trail system.





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