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NOTICE: Mile 8 through mile 9 of the Newberry Passage will be closed from January 15 through February 29 due to repairs on the bridge over I26. The road itself will be closed from the bridge to the Franklin Road intersection. This effectively cuts the connection between the Newberry Passage and the Enoree Passage. Trail users need to plan an alternate route during this time.

While many of the passages of the Palmetto Trail wander through the beautiful backwoods and countryside of our great state, every now and then it takes you through one of those magical small towns filled with southern grace and hospitality. One of those is the Newberry Passage. Coming from the depths of the Sumter National Forest on the Enoree Passage, the Newberry Passage takes the visitor along shaded sidewalks passing antebellum homes; Newberry College, founded in 1856; a renovated Main Street with shops, cafes, bars and ice cream parlors; and several historic buildings such as the Old Court House and the Opera House. It even has a Japanese Garden tucked away on a side street, waiting to be discovered. Newberry is known as the “City of Friendly Folks” and it lives up to its’ name as everyone who visits is made to feel welcome. Passing the historic downtown district, the passage takes the user near a bustling business area with franchise and local fast food and larger box stores where one can grab a quick meal or pick up the random item needed for the trip. There is also a bed and breakfast and other hotels available should a hiker need a zero day to recharge. And as an added bonus, to transition from the urban environment, Lynch’s Woods offers a relaxing loop hike through a beautiful, wooded park connecting to the Newberry Passage.

The Newberry Passage is a 10-mile section with approximately 4 miles inside the city limits.

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