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Poinsett Reservoir Passage travels the mountain ridges along the northern boundary of Poinsett Watershed. This pristine watershed of 19,000 acres contains the headwaters feeding Poinsett Reservoir of the Greenville Water System (GW). Rare plants and animals inhabit this unique watershed, and GW enforces strict rules to keep the environment unspoiled. Starting at Vaughns Gap (trailhead for Blue Wall Passage), hikers travel north for about two miles, turn west and trek along Bushy Ridge (border between the Carolinas), then cross into North Carolina for a short hike to Orchard Lake Campground (trailhead for Saluda Mountains Passage). At 3,060 feet, Rocky Spur is the highest peak on the passage.

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No parking at Vaughns Gap trailhead

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To Orchard Lake Campground

From Greenville: Take US 25 North past Hwy 11. Turn Right on Old US 25 for 7.1 miles. Turn Right on Saluda Road for 3.1 miles (the road becomes Mountain Page Road at the NC Line). Turn Right on Mine Mountain Road for 1.3 miles to the junction of Orchard Lake, Fork Creek, and West Fork Creek Roads. Curve Right on Fork Creek Road for .75 miles. Turn Left onto the Orchard Lake parking area. *See Below: Trailhead Parking and Kiosk

From Columbia: Take I-26 West into NC. Take Exit 67 to Tryon for 3.4 miles. Turn Right on US 176 towards Saluda for 4.7 miles (You will see a brown Pearson’s Falls sign). Turn Left on Pearson’s Falls Road for .5 miles. Cross Pacolet River and go under railroad trestle. Turn Left on Fork Creek Road. Go 4 miles and turn Right onto Orchard Lake Parking Area.


Be sure to read the Greenville Water System Rules.

Additional Information

Trailhead Parking and Kiosk

The parking area is inside a split rail fence just off of Fork Creek Road. At the other end of the open RV camping area is the trailhead kiosk.

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